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Bassist, Songwriter,Guitarist , Author and all round Artiste still searching for the elusive all time High through Musical expression. Best known for his session work with Rock Blues and Reggae artists; Jacky Edwards, Guitar Shorty, Elmer Gantry, Neil Innes, John Otway, Dave Edmunds, Richy Hayward, George Harrison, Chris Goulstone, Dave Winthrop, Vasco Rossi, Maggie Bell, Peter Gabriel, Jimi Page, Phil Collins, Stan Webb, Robert Plant. An inveterate optimist with a great sense of awareness not to mention Humour that can often, and often has lightened up some dark, dismal but hilarious situations.......... Known for having attitude as opposed to having an attitude which admittedly is a fine line but those whom have had the pleasure/misfortune  of playing with Paul will know the difference  between the two ! For the uninitiated, it's what one may call job suitability or something that the boss can have but you cant........A do as I say, not as I do situation. Unbelievable the majority of musicians pander to this kind of totalitarian regime metered out by bolshie Rock God type personalities where Paul go's for the more bohemian " If I wanted to be dictated to, I would have joined the Army" style of employee behaviour which gives the situation a certain charm, if jagged edginess. This all adds up to what is known as true Rock n' Roll comportment. There are a lot of pretenders in this World especially in the entertainment division. Paul Martinez is not one of those.............read on if you will