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  The Old Gate

  In the Middle Ages the vast majority of European cities had walls around them. This was partly for defensive (1) __but another factor was the need to keep out anyone regarded as undesirable, like people with contagious (2) __. The Old City of London gates were all (3) __by the end of the 18th century. The last of London’s gates was removed a century ago, but by a (4) __ of luck, it was never destroyed.

  This gate is, in (5) __fact, not called a gate at all; its name is Temple Bar, and it marked the (6) __between the Old City of London and Westminster. In 1878 the Council of London took the Bar down, numbered the stones and put the gate in (7) __ because its design was (8) __ it was expensive to (9) __ and it was blocking the traffic.

  The Temple Bar Trust was (10) __ in the 1970’s with the intention of returning the gate home. The aim of the trust is the (11) __ of the nation’s architectural heritage.

  Transporting the gate will mean physically pulling it (12) __, stone by stone, removing and rebuilding it near St Paul’s Cathedral. Most of the facade of the gate will probably be (13)__, though there is a good (14) __ that the basic structure will be sound. The hardest (15) __ of all, however, will be to recreate the statues of the monarchs that once stood on top of the gate.


  contagious / k?n’teid??s / adj. 传染性的,会蔓延的 demolish / di’m?li? / vt.拆除,破坏

  stroke / str?uk / n. 打击 preservation / ,prez?’vei??n / n. 保存,保留

  boundary / ’baund?ri / n. 范围,分界线 cathedral / k?’θi:dr?l / n. 保留,保存


  1. mark the boundary between ... and... : ……在……和…… 两者之间划定界限

  2. there is a good chance that... : 很有可能发生某事,有……的机会


  1. A) grounds  B) reasons  C) causes  D) purposes

  2. A) injuries  B) symptoms  C) colds  D) diseases

  3. A) devoted  B) demolished  C) declared  D) decreased

  4. A) stroke  B) wave  C) hit  D) blow

  5. A) real  B) contemporary  C) actual

  6. A) borders  B) part  C) boundary  D) current

  7. A) storage  B) store  C) storing  D) line

  8. A) unrealistic  B) unfashionable  C) unavailable  D) stock

  9. A) maintain  B) afford  C) repair  D) unbearable

  10. A) set out  B} set up  C) set off  D) fix 中华考试网

  11. A) preservation  B) reservation  C) conservation  D) set back

  12. A) up  B) over  C) on  D) down

  13. A) replaced  B) substituted  C) exchanged  D) overtaken

  14. A) capacity  B) opportunity  C) possibility  D) chance

  15 A) requirement  B) job  C) necessity  D) obligation


  1. B A 选项 grounds 意为"理由,基础" ;C 选项 causes 意为"原因" ; D 选项 purposes 意为"目的;意志"。根据句意"城墙一方面是为了防御外敌……" for 为介词,表目的。for defensive reasons,为了防御的原因。故选 B。

  2. D 考查固定搭配。A 选项 injuries 意为"伤害,受伤";B 选项 symptoms 意为"症状";C 选项colds 意为"感冒";D 选项 contagious diseases 意为"传染病"。根据句意应选 D。

  3. B 此句句意为"伦敦古城的城门,均在 18 世纪末被拆毁。"A 选项 devoted 意为"献身于……";B 选项,demolished 意为"拆毁,破坏",与句意相符;C 选项 declared 意为"公然的,公开宣布的";D 选项 decreased 意为"减少"。故选民

  4. A 考查固定搭配 a stroke of luck。

  5. C 考查固定搭配in actual fact,为固定搭配,意思是"事实上"。等于 actually或 as a matter of fact 。

  6. C 此句句意为"它的名字叫圣殿酒吧区,是伦敦古城与威斯敏斯特的分界线。"A 选项 borders 意为"边界,边缘地区";B 选项 part 意为"部分"D 选项 line 意为"路线,排";而 C 选项boundary 意为"两地的分界线",与句意相符。故选 C。

  7. A 此句句意为"1878 年,伦敦议会将其推倒,给石头编了号,并将它们储藏。" A 选项storage 意为"存储,仓库",符’合句意;B 选项 store 意为"商店,储各";C 选项 storing 意为"储存,保管";D 选项 stock 意为"股份,股票" in storage 为固定搭配。故选 A。

  8. B 此句句意为"城门的设计老套,维修费用昂贵,而且堵塞交通。"A 选项 unrealistic 意为 "不切实际的"C 选项 unavailable 意为"难以获得的"D 选项 unbearable 意为"难以忍受的",均与句意不符 ;B 选项 unfashionable 意为"不时髦的,老套的"。故选 B。 外语学习网

  9. A 此句意为"……维修费用昂贵,并且堵塞交通。"afford 意为"支付得起";repair 意为 "修";fix 意为"修理,安装" 。(对建筑物的)维修保持意为 maintain。故选 A

  10. B 此句句意为"在..20 世纪 70 年代,最初为了恢复城门,建立了圣殿酒吧区信托基金,目的 是保存国家的建筑遗产。" set 叩意为"建立,开业"; set out 意为"动身,陈列";set off 意为 "启程,使爆炸";set back 意为"推迟,使受挫"。故选 B。

  11. A 此句句意为"目的是保存国家的建筑遗产。" A 选项 preservation 意为"(古物,建筑)的 保存",与句意相符 ;B 选项 reservation 意为"预约,保留";C 选项 conservation ,多用于"(环境的)保存,保护";D 选项 recreation 意为"娱乐,消遣"。故选 A。

  12. D 考查介词搭配。pull up 意为"拔起,阻止" ;pull over 意为"靠岸,开到路边";pull on 意 为"穿,继续拉",只有 D 选项 pull down 意思是"摧毁,推倒",与句意相符。

  13. A 根据上下文,可以排除 C 与 D A 与 B 均有替代的意思,通常,replace...with ... "替换,更换(以旧更新)",substitute ...for ...替代"之意,不与原物进行比较。

  14. D there is a good chance that 意思是"很有可能发生某事,有……的机会"。

  15. B 此句句意为"最艰难的工作"the hardest job of all 为常用说法。A 选项 requirement 意为 "要求,必要条件" C 选项 necessity 意为"需要 写 必需品";D 选顶 obligation 意为"义务"。故选 B。


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