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Hi Everyone...So sad to hear of Robert Plants awful fate. Does anyone have any further news of what happened ? We always suspected as much but as always when it actually happens it's hard to grasp ! The last I heard he was doing alright with that Pick-up band he was hanging around with. Now it seems he just couldn't   face the final shape shifting truth ? No matter how much you try to help certain people in their pursuit of happiness, sometimes it just isn't enough. So I guess he will face the final curtain in the worst possible way. I for one never imagined someone as vibrant and effervescent as our Percy could sink so low. I don't know but I been told, big leg woman aint got no soul ! That's one of his brilliant incites and obviously well researched lyrical motifs. A man who can only be compared with the Greats in Lyrical terms to such wordsmiths as Ian Gillan and Ozzy Osbourne, really did leave his mark on the World of not only great songwriting but Literature itself . A master stroke is actually not even strong enough a term to sum up his body of work. Bustles in Hedgerows, Black dogs, Baby Baby Baby Baby Babies, every inch of my Love, Big Logs, and Doo doo a do do !   It's just astoundingly powerful mythology created with the help of his comrade in arms James Page ESQ. The fact that Myths are just rumours grown old, can in this case be surely put aside bearing in mind the magnitude and magnificence created by these two old Schoolboys from vastly different backgrounds. Robert being the Paupers son from the Black country and Jimmy a son of Surrey Aristocrats brought together by one burning passion that was bound to set the World on fire...........that passion, MONEY ! Well, they certainly achieved that particular goal in no uncertain terms. In fact it makes it all the more morose knowing that that Money could not save them Robert from his inevitable fate. So I say fare thee well old trooper with the Lions mane and Crocodile skin wallet, not to mention alligator skin boots and outrageously designed Kaftans along with bells beads and incense, which together   all made for a delicious potpourri, along with the songs of course ! Good times Bad times but now it's time to go.....Adios Amigo.........Shame there are no pockets in shrouds X                                                                                                                                                                           On a lighter note, can anyone enlighten me as to what the hell is going on with the Noel Gallagher/ Paul Weller Rumour of a hook-up band ? There have been whispers on the grapevine that a new Album is as we speak in progress. WOW, Imagine Noel and Paul putting their not unsubstantial   talents together to make what will surely be the Album of the century. I mean........ Noel and Paul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds a bit like John and Paul ? Maybe Noel should Marry a Japanese bird and get popped off by a nutter in New York, thereby sealing his fate as a Really true artiste and top songwriter just like that other Guy from Liverpool. That of course is highly unlikely to happen as Noel lives in the English countryside and has no intentions of going to Manhatten and writing an Album called Starting Over Again ! Best to just stick with Weller Noel and forget about McCartney. Remember, your Groups name started with an O, not a B ! Does anyone out there actually know why Paul Weller is so ANGRY ? He seems to be in a permanent bad mood, partly due to his Steve Marriot fixation and probably partly due to the fact that he will never be as good as Steve Marriot. Chill out Paul, it's Only Rock n'Roll. I heard Morrissey got groped by an American security guard at San Francisco airport ! Guard obviously got the wrong guy, if you are gonna grope someone make it someone who's a bit of fun...............I mean Morrissey is about as much fun as an orphanage on fire ! 'Girlfriend in a coma' is Morrissey's idea of a good time ! Is that supposed to be ironic or am I missing something ?

                                                                                                                                                          Pinch, Punch, first of the month, but don't punch too hard as you don't want to be up before the beak on charges of overcelebration ! Best probably to just tap and slightly shove rather than pinch and punch............gotta think of health and safety even if it's not as good as Laurel and Hardy, it still has to be abided by. August already ! How time fly's, that's why we wear straps on wrist watches ! Am still horizontal as I write this missive as see no point getting up yet to queue up and get hustled and knocked about by over enthusiastic weekend retail therapists. Work, work, work, = Shop, Shop, and more shop. Having the advantage of being able to shop in the week is a great relief to me, so I can at my leisure or as the Americans call it Leeeesure ! Ramble about from shop to shop in no particular order flitting about town at my own chosen pace sometimes buying nothing at all, but always on the look-out for possible pertinent purchases. Possibly a fresh fish or some particularly mature cheddar cheese from Le Gourmet in Church street. Opposite which is Phil Munday the grocer and ex Mayor/Comedian with a fine line in the best   Organic vegetables in town. Unless one has one's own allotment ? I have had my name down for a couple of years to acquire one of these very useful plots of land that appear to be sort after vigorously by all and sundry from all walks of life. There appear to be some there already that are taken but never used. Of course being controlled by the Local Authority or Council if you will, they are not likely to be snapped up by ANYONE. rather someone who may have connections with aforementioned body of bureaucrats who may have had a word in someone's ear, or slipped a brown envelope under a counter, or even more likely being related to one of these dogsbodies no doubt helps in the acquisition of. I have alternatively been kindly given a polytunnel on a plot of land belonging to a kind friend but unfortunately it's ten miles out of town and not easy to get to ! Still, it's the thought that counts innit ?

Hi blogsters............Just heard he news ! Cameron is apparently convincing Obama that it is a good idea to BOMB Iraq and Siria so as to stop the Isis Terror rampaging through the region. Haven't we heard this somewhere before and didn't it get us to the point we are at now ? That is, homegrown terrorists. These guys seemingly did not exist until Tony Blair And that dimwit G. dubya Bush invaded Iraq the first time. So doesn't it seem a little obvious that this course of action is pretty F-------- dumb by any ones standards. Lets get it straight. We are now going to bomb an area in the middle east to stop a group of (so called )terrorists from coming to the U.K. and the U.S.A to cause Havoc on our home turf too ? These terrorists whom Cameron refers to as far as we know or can remember, did not exist until we bombed and killed more than 100,000 civilians in the second Gulf War ( Remember George Bush senior ?) He started the first Gulf War in the early 90s. So what we are actually doing is perpetuating something that WE created in the first place. Remembering that Sadam Hussein had absolutely nothing to due with 911 in New York and that The Bin Laden Family are very very good friends of the Bush clan also Rumsfeld and those other guys who somehow duped The American people into believing that Osama was the guy who bombed the towers. Alright, maybe he didn't like some of their policies. He's not alone there is he. The American government are about as popular as the bubonic plague these days. This all seems relevant to me as the Nato  meeting at which David and Obama were seen Hobnobbing is 20 miles down the road apiece from where I am blogging right now.  Another ridiculous fact is ; They got 9,000 police officers protecting them from the invisible enemy. Do they really think that people have got the time to bother to come down there and attempt to bump one of them off or even better all of them ? Talk about megalomania ! A friend of mine suggested we should find out where those 9,000 cops are normally stationed and go down there for a bit of looting and a burning as there would be little resistence due to them all being tied up with the Nato scam ? Seeing as now the British Police force do not consider Car Crime, criminal damage or even Burglary as real crimes, that's alright then. Why don't they de-criminalise Rape, Murder, Child Molestation too while they are at it so they cannot be accused of not doing their jobs properly. Just think if the stopped arresting people for smoking dope, organising parties, and being Black (unless you are Asian and Shout RACISM ) how much more room we would have in our Prisons !  One more thing before the Stasi come round to arrest me for Heresy; Why do you think Obama was Elected as Commander-in- chief of the U.S.A. as opposed to Hilary Clinton ? WHY ? Because despite the fact that their hatred of African Americans and indeed anyone south of the Mason Dixon line, They would rather elect a Black man than A WOMAN. Now you tell me. How can you trust a Government like that ???????????

autumn here favourite month. Something in the air that gives me a good feeling ? Had a lot of communications from old friends lately and am very touched not to mention pleased ! Keep em coming just so I know it was not all in vain !!!!!  I wish you all good things to come your way and remember be careful what you wish for. Take care Boys and girls XXX


Saturday morning blues

Saturday morning storm clouds gathering although the sun is intermittently shining through. Whoever wrote the song That lucky old sun definitely did not have England on his mind....... John Lennon got it right with his Rain song, then I suppose coming from Liverpool he knew a lot about bad weather. Mad dog byker just flew past my window in a blaze of imagined glory, all he really achieved is annoying a lot of depressed shoppers stunned by the extortionate prices the Supermarkets are prizing out of their hands. Not to get too down on the situation am meeting up with friends later for drinks and chit chat which will no doubt take the edge off. Currently laying back with the early symptoms of flu but hoping it might just be some kinds chill I have contracted from the street where an unusual amount of people seem to be sneezing, coughing and choking with summer ? colds. O.k. wont bore you with mundane ramblings but wish you a happy weekend and fun and frolics for all.......Adios

TO CONTIUE.............

Hi blogsters............Been a while since last post. Been busy with the more mundane chores of domesticity which seem to be run of the mill stuff that most of us go through at some time or another....... Some do it by stomping about leaving a trail of mess and destruction whilst shouting orders and instructions from other rooms which I for one miss mostly due to loss of my aural senses. I put this down to standing next to excessively loud Guitar players who insist on having all the controls on their respective amplifiers set on number 11, or for the uninitiated, maximum deafening volume. Some of you may think in our present climate that Politicians, Policemen and High Holborn Law firms are a bunch of complete W-------- !!!!!!

Let me tell you something, next to Guitar players, those other lightweights are just a walk in the park. Not that I hold any affiliation or have any truck with those other so called professional busy-bodies, 'cos I don't and actually think that we should have a ministry for the abolition of all organised crime syndicates i.e. Parliament, The Met Police dept. and The church and stop this ludicrous notion that necessary evil is better than anarchy ? The jury is obviously out on that one but I know which  would go for if push came to shove! On a lighter note, getting back to those pesky string twangers who have dominated popular Music for the last half century or more leaving all those poor Sax and Violin players out in the cold. Those guys have caused me more bother than you could even imagine. It's not their fault of course, they cannot help being ego maniacs having to have the best room in the Hotel, shagging the best looking Groupies, jumping the Queue at the Clinic for sexually transmitted diseases, being in conspiracy with the singer and usually being Guilty of Grand plagiarism, because to them it is what they feel rightly theirs. THAT is why we have had so much dross and piss-poor efforts all over our airwaves and stereo systems for so long. Well, now the cat is out of the bag and someone has had the foresight and balls to expose said shysters lets hope things improve somewhat ! I will point out at this juncture that to avoid any offence or damage to anyone personally in my blog all names will be changed re-arranged or forged to protect the Guilty just like at the Yard and Whitehall. SEE, if you follow the example of your leaders how can you possibly be wrong ???????  NEWSFLASH !!!! Just in. apparently the funniest joke of the year revealed recently is ; Am getting rid of my vacuum cleaner as it is gathering dust ! Is it just me or does anyone else think that that is about as funny as an orphanage on fire !  personally think the best vacuum cleaner joke is ; The grim reaper came at me with a vacuum cleaner...........I was Dyson with Death !!! Have just been made aware that the hoover is on it's way round now so will have to lift me feet and hold on to me bottle to avoid any spillage on the Persian Rugs. Well, must be off as my Cat Charley needs his dressing changed after suffering serious grazing from getting his leg caught through his flea collar and has been walking around in that manner for a couple of days and caused considerable discomfort to the poor feline fella !

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